Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Answered Prayer for MES

            Digitized instructional material is the most recent effective way to capture the interest and attention of young learners inside the classroom setting.

            We, the teachers and our school head dream to have a set of smart television inside each classroom to improve the teaching-learning process through digital instructional materials particularly with the use of LED/Smart television.

              During the Second PTA Assembly held last November 28, 2019, we deeply planned and talked with the stakeholders about the matter. We came up and agreed upon to write solicitation letters intended to kind-hearted and generous people to purchase the 7-unit television.

               It was then a coincidence when Mr. and Mrs. Hirohisa Araki, President of Philippine Precision Technology Inc. at the same time the brother-in-law of Mr. Romeo C. Catabay, our Head Teacher came to visit our school last December 28, 2019. We handed the solicitation letter to him and without hesitation, he positively answered our request and prayers to have a smart television in our classroom. Last January 16, 2020, the 7-unit 32" Sony Bravia Smart television was delivered in our school.

                At present, our pupils are enjoying in their lessons with the use of this instructional material. We lessen their time to play under the heat of the sun during their free hours.

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