Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wow MES!!!

          In line with the Core Values of Department of Education most particular to Makakalikasan, Macandocandong Elementary School, yearly engaged in the production of different varieties of vegetables, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, fruit bearing and non-fruit bearing trees.

          During our Brigada Eskwela, we asked some of our parent and pupil volunteers to prepare our vegetable plots in our Gulayan sa Paaralan. They removed the dry weeds, scattered the animal manure in the plots and put up some trellises. At the early part of the school year, we started to sow seeds in our seed boxes in preparation for planting season. When the seedlings are ready, our parent volunteers came and helped us in planting. Homeroom PTA members were given plots to prepare, plant and have their schedule in taking care of their plants. We started to harvest some of our vegetables in the middle part of October until January.

          Gulayan sa Paaralan is a great help to sustain the demand of our pupils especially those who are buying their lunch in our school canteen.

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